Monday, July 18, 2011

Westminster Abbey, London Eye, & Street Performers Oh My!

Today started off cold again. But it quickly became exciting when we went to Westminster Abbey. The Abbey is historic, iconic, and breathtaking. I was able to walk by the resting place of Queen Elizabeth I and Bloody Mary. An interesting fact is that they are both buried together in one grave and the effigy on top is of Elizabeth. I guess the Mary will always lay in Elizabeth's shadow. Unfortunately we are unable to take photos in the Abbey. But I did cheat and get a picture of the oldest door in England (I know, not nearly as exciting).

The London Eye was beautiful to see. There was even a wedding in the next pod over. Seeing London from above was great, but the best part of the Eye was seeing the street performers around it. I saw some great guys. There was Captain Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader, a man dancing with a doll, etc. Take a look at some of the photos.

Most of the street performers just stood around in entertaining clothes for tourist to take pictures with. The guy with posed with talked a lot and made funny jokes at people. As a tourist I was more attracted to the performers who were actually performing. The ones that just stood there were pretty boring. The man dressed as Queen Elizabeth II had music playing and did a little dance. Charlie Chaplin also did Chaplin's famous walk, which must be done when anyone dresses like Charlie. I feel some of these characters would do better at attracting business if they added a little entertainment to their acts. Even if it is making jokes at the people who walk by.

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