Friday, July 15, 2011

Boots and Beer

In England there is this place. It contains wonder and miracles galore. If you go there with a problem chances are you will leave with a solution. The people are kind and helpful. Boots Pharmacy you are amazing.

My legs are swollen after the flight, so I went to see if there was anything that could help me. Not only was there a pill, but it was made by Boots. I then went to the front to pay and the impulse section was filled with Boots products. They had ibuprofen that would be prescription strength in the USA. If you have a pain you don't even need to worry about ibuprofen, instead try paracetamol & codeine over the counter. Luckily for me I just need a water pill to help decrease the swelling. Click Boots if you want to check out their website.

This evening we went to dinner at Marlborough Arms Pub. The fish & chips (yes I know two nights in a row) were delicious. The chips were better than last night. Oh, and I now understand the point to malt vinegar. The Youngs Ale was the perfect match to go with dinner. To end we had apple pie with warm custard. Definitely not the American way to do apple pie, but it was pretty tasty.

Can you find where Crumpet was hiding at dinner tonight? I think she wanted to steal the fish off our plates.


  1. is British food everything they say it is?
    need more beer info for my notes!

  2. That pie looks gross... but you knew I'd say that. Is there anything in that town I would actually eat aside from candy?

  3. Boots pharmacy seems like it has everything. I'd probably go into the store and spend way too much money on things like shower washes you'd never find anywhere else. I even saw an epilator on their website, which I think is harder to come by in the States. Those European women are tough for wanting to rip the hair out of their legs.