Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crumpet's Day of Trouble

Today we went to Regent's Park, Primerose Hill, and Abbey Road. Crumpet was having so much fun being outside. She found a patch of wildflowers to hide in, which made me realize she looks a little like a skunk. I'm glad she doesn't smell like one.

At one point Crumpet made a cherub very angry. The little boy tried to throw her across the pond. I took my eyes off of her for one minute and she is making statues mad.

However, we did take the time to smell the roses.
There were so many different types of flowers all over the park. The roses were lovely.

After a walk through the park, we went to Primerose Hill for a picnic lunch and to fly kites. We were trying to reenact the kite flying scene from Mary Poppins. However, Crumpet again was trying to cause more trouble by ripping a hole through the center of the kite. I guess that's what I get from buying a dollar tree kite.

Crumpet was also making the other mascots angry. Raul, Aubrey's mascot, was ready to use crumpet for an afternoon snack.

Crumpets biggest trouble happened when she decided she would break in to Abbey Road Studio. The studio is currently have renovations done and the front does not look too pretty. The gates in front are covered with signatures and drawings. I found this one brick that I really liked.

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  1. Very pretty flowers!And I'm always a fan of graffiti. Leave your mark like the Romans did!