Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day in Oxford

Since Crumpet was such a troublemaker yesterday, I decided she should stay home for a timeout today. Our study abroad group traveled by train today to Oxford. We were lucky that is barely rained all day. Our first stop was the Bodleian Library & Radcliffe Camera at Oxford University. The building was magnificent with stone carvings and crests placed all over. During the reign of King Henry VIII the reformation took place where many of the statues and decorations in churches were destroyed. However, the library and Oxford was considered such an important piece of architecture that it was spared. Unfortunately many books were destroyed and the library disappeared.

At one point we were able to go into the reading room. The library was rescued and repaired by Sir Thomas Bodley, which is where the name Bodleian Library comes from. We were able to see the very same books he donated and collected back in 1598 to 1602. Of course we were not allowed to touch the books. Apparently if we had tried to take the books off the shelves alarms would go off.

The Radcliffe Camera was built from 1737 to 1748. This building has a large dome at the top and in the building the dome and ceilings are decorated with a mint green paint with white carvings. The architecture was so breathtaking that I forgot all about the books. This building was created in a circle with a lot of windows, which allowed for an abundance of natural lighting.

After the library we went to Christ Church and Story Museum. While they were interesting (especially Christ Church), I wish I could have seen more of the libraries. I would have loved to climb up a flight or two to look at the books on the shelves. With the collection being of historical importance I understand why we couldn't touch them, I just wish I could have explored more.

To end the day we had dinner at the Eagle and Child, which is the same pub that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein used to meet and have a pint. The chicken and cider pie was delicious. I also tried my first Guinness while in the U.K. I have to admit it does taste better here than in the U.S.A.

No photos on this post. Unfortunately my battery died very quickly and all I was able to do was my assigned photography for class.

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