Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fast Cars, Short Skirts, plus Fish & Chips

So London is amazing. It has historic buildings everywhere mixed with retro and modern buildings. Brittany and I landed safely in London this morning around 10 am London time and 5 am EST. So needless to say I didn’t call my loved ones back home to tell them I arrived ok.

We got a taxi from the airport. The thought was is would be easier than trying to figure out the buses from the start. We had a great driver, Kevin, who told us some wonderful places to go.

Since I’ve been in London I have noticed three things. One, people drive like psychos! Not joking, they put Americans to shame. The roads are too small for the amount of car they pack on it. I don’t understand how it possible to drive safely on these roads.

Two, OMG the skirts are so short! I understand that part of my trip is to try new things, but this is one piece of fashion I will have to skip. The skirts barely cover the whole bottom, let alone if they sit down or need to bend to pick something up. I don’t even thing you can squat in this skirts. However, I want to make a point to say these are some brave women. If you’re comfortable wearing it, then more power to ya!

Three, the fish & chips in England ROCK! I had a wonderful fish & chips dinner tonight. I did notice that every restaurant we looked into had fish & chips on the menu. I guess I’ll be eating a lot of that while I’m here.

I'm staying at 13 Bedford Place. Here is Crumpet in front of the building.

Here are some of the key people who may come up in stories.

Brittany – Friend, travel companion, and roommate

Jackie – Classmate and roommate

Joey – Classmate and roommate

Dr. Everhart – Professor

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