Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome My Friends to Paris!

So Friday, July 29, 2011 I arrived in Paris, France. Having never been to Paris, I must say its amazing how nothing is free. Its common in European countries to have public toilets, but in Paris they cost about 70 € cents. Luckily I never had to pay for one.

Our first day there was jam packed with activities. It started at the Louvre where I Beth from Cordele, GA was able to stand directly in front of the Mona Lisa and I found it to be......smaller than I thought. It is a beautiful painting but not as big as I expected it to be. I guess with a painting being so hyped up my whole life I thought it would be larger and grander. But the Louvre did not disappoint. It is so massive and decorated from head to toe. I want to go back to Paris and finish seeing the whole thing, but that would take a few days.

The next item on our agenda was to take a bus ride through Paris and then stop at the Eiffel Tower. I sat on the top of the bus, which was freezing cold. Summer in Paris and I'm wearing a scarf and sweater. The bus trip was the best part because I felt like I had a touch of every important thing I wanted to see. If you end up going to Paris I suggest taking one of these, it is well worth it. However, the stop at the Eiffel Tower wasn't all that great. Here is where I was first stopped by a kid wanting me to sign a paper for homeless kids. It would be a great cause if only it were true. These are scams to get your money, so DON'T DO IT! The Eiffel Tower is more beautiful from a distance than up close. Then back on the bus to take us to a boat ride down the Seine River.

Again is was windy and cold just like the bus. However, when you are on the Seine in Paris who cares if its a little chilly. Dr. Everhart brought bottles on Peach Champagne for us to enjoy, which was so yummy. After seeing everything from the boat we docked at Notre Dame and enjoyed the outside of this gorgeous cathedral. Then off to dinner, where we had the best French entertainment you can find. The two men who performed for us were such characters. I loved when they made some of my classmates part of the show.

So basically my first day in Paris was this, a time I will never forget because it was filled with all the sites, laughter, and drinks anyone could ever need.

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