Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi Hyde Park

Today we had a nice walk through Hyde Park and ended with Tea at the Orangery beside Kensington Palace. Hyde Park is a large park and we walked all over it. The ponds were huge and filled with geese, ducks, swans, etc. Now many of you may know that I don't like geese. I think they are evil and out to destroy us least the American breeds. These animals were nice and allowed us to walk around with them without attempting to bite us with their beaks.

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground was built for children to play on, but its oh so fun for adults. We were able to go into the playground before the children got there in order to see the fun things that were placed in the area. The second some people saw a pirate ship they were off. Unfortunately my hurt ankle kept me from being one of the people to jump on board. Oh what fun we had.

Then off to rest our feet in the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. This is one of the best places in Hyde Park. Children are laughing and running around in the water and adults are enjoying the sun and fresh air. I believe Princess Diana would have loved this fountain. I know my sore feet and ankle did. The cold water was so nice and this was the best comfort stop ever.

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