Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last Day in London! I'm sick. :-(

Today was going to be my favorite day. We were going to Buckingham Palace and I was super excited. I woke up feeling like my body was on fire, my throat had knives in it, and a stuffy nose; but I was going to persevere because I have been looking forward to seeing the Palace. The bug I caught has been going around the group and has been nicknamed the plague, so I will refer to it as such during this post.

As I entered Buckingham Palace my excitement grew. I was going to be standing in a place I had only seen in magazines and on television. It was no longer going to be this fantasy like world, the palace will be real and in front of me. I wanted to remember this with pictures in every room, but what happens NO PHOTOGRAPHY. That's okay, no pictures and I have the plague but this day was going to be amazing.

As I went through the rooms my mouth stood open in amazement by all the splendor that each room contained and because the plague kept me from breathing through my nose. I found some great decorating tips for my future home because gold inlay is always in fashion. I saw paintings galore and one that interested me of Queen Victoria that wasn't finished. Then came...the Fabergé Collection. The line was super long and people were taking their precious time, but oh was it worth it. To see all the details of the pieces, especially the eggs. Fabergé had actually made most of the pieces himself, which makes them even more special. You can explore the exhibition online by clicking Fabergé.

After the amazing jewels, I came to another show stopper...the Royal Wedding Dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge Katherine Middleton, click on her name to see it for yourself. It was exquisite. I stared at all the little flower details on the lace, but the one thought I couldn't let go of was OMG she's thin! Then I went to the next room where I saw their wedding cake and yes the bottom tiers were the actually tiers from the wedding. They only ate the top 3 tiers, so they were remade and placed on top for display. I must say it kind of grosses me out to think of how old that cake is now and I didn't feel cold air coming off the case.

After Buckingham Palace the plague started to get worse, but before the day could end I won the award for Most Likely to Win in a Scone Bake Off! That would be me!!!! Then off to Boot's and sleep, luckily Crumpet made a new friend. I take off tomorrow morning for the states, but I leave with one major thought to tell you "I'M COMING BACK!"

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  1. I'm sad you're leaving! I was living my British experience through you!