Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Henry VIII & Hampton Court

Hampton Court is such a wonderful place to visit. I loved knowing I was walking along the same paths that Henry VIII and his wives walked. It's interesting being in a palace with such history. Every turn leads to new and exciting things to see. The ceilings alone are something to stop and get neck pain just to see.

Having to chance to see where history took place made me think. What if this palace were never built, would history have been the same. This is where Henry courted Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, and his other wives. Many of the places I have been on this trip make me think of the butterfly effect. If these buildings hadn't been there how different would the world be today.

Ok, I'm done with my philosophic thoughts. Now for a little lighthearted fun. The flowers are Hampton court are amazing. The smells just instantly make you want to relax. I wish I had brought a book and had time to lay in the garden and read. It would make such a wonderful afternoon. Here are a few of my favorite flowers for Hampton Court.

And keeping to the Henry VIII theme of the post today, I have created a Glog about the theories of Henry VIII's health and why he may have had only 1 surviving child with each wife.

You can also view the Glog at http://ceriggs.glogster.com/health-of-henry-viii/

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